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Sales Software

Businesses primarily use sales software to streamline their current processes and practices in their office, creating more time for improving lead and customer relationships.   By keeping data and employees organized, offices are able to easily collaborate and focus on the same goal—closing the sale.

The sales process can be complicated, and can vary from lead to lead.  Using Blitz can simplify this by automating tasks, reminding employees when to call, and tracking the process in order to make improvements when necessary.

How does Blitz Lead Management Software help your business?

Blitz is fully customizable.

Being able to define your sales process in Blitz gives you the ability to create a program that fits into how you already do things. Imagine being able to track any activity you want, search or filter based on any criteria, and create custom templates and forms to simplify your office!

Find information fast.

Leads’ information, notes, sales opportunities, and upcoming appointments are all conveniently stored on one screen in Blitz. This information can be accessed quickly and easily by searching, and can even be set up to automatically pop up when a lead or client calls into your office.

Automated reminders and follow ups.

Blitz’s custom Workflow tool can be set up to automate tasks that take up extra time in your office. Workflow can be set up to automatically email certain leads or customers at certain times, and automatically add follow up reminders to your staff’s schedules. This intelligent functionality filters through the leads in your sales software to know who to contact, and when.

Integrations with other systems you are using.

Blitz’s sales software is integrated with lead providers, telemarketing companies, auto-dialers, phone systems, auto-quoting programs, and policy management systems. Blitz is a central hub for everything else you are using—preventing the confusion of using several programs at once.

Duplicate checking.

By using sales software, you will never accidentally call the same person twice. Blitz has an automatic duplicate checker that will alert you about a potential duplicate before you dial.

Advanced scheduler.

Blitz has a scheduling feature that allows you to keep track of leads, and never let an opportunity fall between the cracks. Remember to follow up with a lead in 6 months, or in 6 days. If you ever forget to call, Blitz will remind you that you have neglected leads in your sales software that need to be reached right away.


Track sales, leads, marketing practices, and staff activities to continuously improve your processes and grow your business. Blitz is a web-based sales software program. You never need to install anything on your computer, and our web-based system can even be accessed from your cell phone or tablet on our mobile version.
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Information about all of Blitz Lead Management Software's features and benefits.
Information about all of Blitz Lead Management Software's features and benefits.
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See Blitz Lead Management Software in action in this 5 minute video