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Contact Management Software

Businesses need contact management software to stay on top of their leads and customers, manage their calendar, streamline their sales process, and easily collaborate with other employees.  Automating some of these processes keeps their staff organized and on task, creating valuable time to establish better relationships with prospects and clients.

Blitz simple tools and reports to simplify each task in the office.  It’s like a central hub that integrates the processes and other programs that companies are already using, making it easy to transition to.

How does Blitz Contact Management Software help your business?

Save time & money

Assist prospects and customers quickly.  Access client information fast using Blitz’s quick search tool.  In one screen, you are able to easily view contact information, sales opportunities, notes, and appointments, enabling you to better assist your clients.

Automate time consuming tasks.  Blitz’s Workflow is a custom tool that automates reminders, follow ups, and emails.  Workflow can be configured to add follow up calls to your calendar and send emails on a strict schedule that can be defined for each type of lead or contact.  Workflow’s intelligent filtering functionality knows who to contact at what time.

Automatic duplicate checker.  Blitz’s automatic duplicate checker prevents you from accidentally contacting the same person or household twice by alerting you of potential duplicates in the system before you dial.

Easy to use calendar.  Never let an opportunity fall between the cracks using Blitz’s scheduling feature.  Whether you need to follow up next week or next year, Blitz will remind you of upcoming appointments and alerts you when you forget to call.

Customize & monitor your sales process

Blitz can be configured to any type of business.  Create your own custom contact management software!  With Blitz, you are able to define your unique sales process, track contacts and employee activity, filter and search using any criteria you choose, and create custom forms and templates.

Blitz links to other programs you are using.  Blitz is integrated with phone systems, auto-dialers, lead providers, telemarketing companies, auto-quoting programs, and policy management systems.  These connections simplify your tasks by reducing the number of programs you need to use at once.

Reporting.  Blitz Contact Management Software comes with simple reports to help you easily track employees, sales and marketing practices, and your ROI.  Periodically running reports enables continuous improvement to your business.

Web based.  Blitz Contact Management Software is a web based program, giving you quick access to your data from anywhere.  Our mobile version gives you the ability to update or add information on the go, preventing extra data entry after events.

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Information about all of Blitz Lead Management Software's features and benefits.
Information about all of Blitz Lead Management Software's features and benefits.
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See Blitz Lead Management Software in action in this 5 minute video